The supervision of 523 kilometres of toll motorway in Mexico constitutes a roadway milestone

Banobras, Mexico's national bank for public works and services, has awarded Ayesa the largest contract tendered to date for the supervision of the operation and maintenance of toll motorways under the AAS (supervising management agent) mode.

The contract for the South-East Package covers 523 kilometres of toll motorways in the country, which are divided into six sections in the States of Veracruz, Tabasco, Campeche and Chiapas. The contract is due to run until 2025, i.e., it will have a duration of seven years.

In the bidding, Ayesa -leader of the winning consortium- prevailed over other Spanish engineering firms and large Mexican firms. The total comes to 344 million Mexican pesos, which equates to around 15 million euros according to the current exchange rate

The company's proven experience in other similar contracts, albeit much smaller ones, was one of its winning factors.

As Supervising Management Agent (AAS), Ayesa will perform the comprehensive consultancy, management, monitoring, supervision and administration of the operation, maintenance and restoration of the motorways.




Its first task is therefore to study the supply and demand of the motorways, the inventory of all the elements within the easement and the information profile of the asset in order to continue to draft the proposal for improvements and establish the performance standards (for example, response times in the event of an accident or the maximum waiting times at toll gates) that will govern the contract with the motorway operation company.

It's a complex project because it not only covers technical matters but also legal and financial ones when it comes to supporting Banobras in the tender process for the MRO (Maintenance, Restoration and Operation Company).

Ayesa has recently gained experience of an AAS contract, Atlacomulco-Maravatio, which will end during the current financial year. Thanks to this novel model in Mexico, this motorway is now equipped with the newest smart transport systems such as surveillance right along the motorway section, free roadside assistance, weather stations connected to electronic message panels, dynamic automatic payment lanes and a whole range of improvements to the asset.

New model

In Mexico, the national roadway network comprises over 11,000 kilometres of lanes with a subsidised fee.

The new Mexican Motorway Operating Model was launched in 2012 and is now used on seven sections of motorways, these having achieved the highest scores for service quality. This system, which is based on the compliance of performance standards, has been awarded the Medal of International Merit by the Spanish Road Association, AEC.