Ayesa is close to completing the third international SAP ISU

Ayesa is growing in the international utilities sector. The company has launched its third external SAP ISU installation, the specific solution from the global leader for business management software.

The Seville-based company has installed this platform in Epmaps, Quito's municipal drinking water supply company and which serves a population of two million inhabitants and handles 600,000 contracts.

In this way the public company has improved its commercial management through more accurate, up-to-date, complete information on invoicing, payments, domestic connections and equipment.


"Go live"

The "go live" of this solution in Agua de Quito has led to the confirmation of Ayesa as a specialised technological consultant on commercial utility systems. Thus, this relevant project in Ecuador joins those of Delsur, El Salvador's electricity distribution company, and Gas Francia.

Rafael Jiménez, project head, indicates that "the advantages of SAP ISU as a solution are huge. Given the complex invoicing utility companies have to carry out -they apply all types of formula, discount, etc.-, having a standard solution is strategic." In this respect, he added that "before, tailored solutions were used which were costly and complex to maintain. That's why all the large groups are migrating towards this leading technology".

Our specialisation in other complementary technologies like geographical information systems (GIS) and customer management software (CRM) is also noteworthy.

Specifically, in Agua de Quito, Ayesa connected these platforms, which facilitates the work in the field as all incidents and the way to resolve them and multiply the commercial possibilities can be seen on a plan.


The installation of SAP ISU is the second large project the firm has carried out in Agua de Quito, which is amongst Ecuador's one hundred largest companies.

It previously also commissioned its ERP, modernising its management in terms of efficiency, sustainability and quality.

With this system, based on SAP technology, it was able to make better use of the resources and prioritise its investments. The IT systems were unified and processes clarified.