Ayesa Air Control lands in Germany as part of its mission to become a major player in Europe's aerospace industry

Ayesa Air Control (AAC) has taken off in the European market. The aeronautical engineering company has opened an office in Munich (Germany) as part of its strategy to continue on its path of internationalisation and put itself amongst the leading engineering and consulting companies for the manufacturing of civil and defence aircraft, as well as satellites and launch vehicles.

Pedro Sanz, General Director of AAC, has stated that the company will continue to push ahead with the major aerospace projects it has been involved in over the past two years from this new office. One of the most important of these projects focuses on optimising manufacturing processes for satellite solar panels. 

Germany is one of the world's most important hubs for the aeronautical industry and for the company this new office represents a natural step in its process of growth given the expertise it is acquiring in this sector.  


AAC was founded in 2012 and now has a team of 140 people. ‘2017 was a key year for our process of international expansion with the percentage of business we do overseas reaching 20%’, pointed out the General Director.

In Spain, the company has secured its place amongst the leading engineering companies which work with Airbus on the A400M military aircraft programme, the final assembly line for which is in Seville. In fact, for ACC this represents more than a third of its revenue.

AAC also participates to a greater or lesser extent in all of Airbus’s main programmes and works with other major aircraft manufacturers, such as Boeing and Embraer.