Ayesa grows 13% in 2017 with income of 270 million euros

Ayesa, a multinational company specialising in engineering and digital transformation, ended 2017 with growth of 17% with respect to the previous financial year. Thus, the group's companies totalled income of 270 million euros.

       In the last year, the Spanish company has continued to improve its margins. Thus, its EBITDA reached 21.3 million euros and earnings before taxes came to 5.8 million. Its financial solvency was also noteworthy, with a practically non-existent net debt ratio.

The increased volume of income is as a result of the generalised improvement of all six business areas: Civil Engineering and Architecture; Industry; Aeronautics; Consultancy; BPO; and Smart Life.

The latter is precisely that which has shown the greatest growth, with a rise of over 80%, principally thanks to projects carried out in Mexico and Spain. This department represents 15% of the total, but is that which is currently working on the most innovative contracts, applying technology like big data, analytics, machine learning and IoT to strategic sectors like those of security, sustainable mobility, water and energy.

As José Luis Manzanares Japón, the group's president, has pointed out, this confirms Ayesa's vision of integrating the world of engineering with that of technology. "Our dual position as experts in infrastructures and information system developers is not only a factor that sets us apart but also a new business model to face the challenges of a connected, smart world".

On top of this, another of the company's founders has highlighted that "Ayesa's evolution in 2017 demonstrates its effort to consolidate and boost the geographical diversification started fifteen years ago, in addition to sectoral diversification with new ICT products and services. We will continue along this route in 2018, which we hope will show even better performance thanks to the recovery of some Latin American countries and the increased investment expected in Spain".

Along the same lines, our contracts portfolio ended the financial year on 421.8 million euros.


In 2017, the company's international activity accounted for 44% of the total, with unequal distribution between sectors. The civil engineering area continues to concentrate over 90% of its production abroad. The consultancy area ended a record year for production abroad at 32%, thanks to SAP implementations in the Latin American public sector and in utilities.

As regards the geographical distribution, Latin America continues to be a significant international source, where Ayesa is carrying out relevant projects in the area of urban transport, such as the supervision of the Mexico airport and the Panama and Quito metro systems.  Nonetheless, the drivers of growth are currently focussed on the Middle East, India and the rest of Asia.

Job Opportunities

Finally, the company's progress has also been reflected in its workforce, which comprises 3,800 technicians. The overall number of jobs created by the group exceeds 4,500 professionals.

"The Spanish market is showing certain signs of recovery, which is a magnificent indicator that will help us to strengthen our teams; essential in a company that wants to continue being a reference in knowledge and in technical and technological solutions", Manzanares stated.