• Virtual and augmented reality

    Virtual and augmented reality

    We enhance user experiences through 3D technology, as well as create innovative tools to improve quality and generate added value in engineering.


Taking the user experience to the next level through technology

Throughout our history, we have developed and implemented apps based on cutting-edge technology. We have decades of experience, during which time we have acquired extensive skills and expertise in innovative technology, such as virtual and augmented reality. As such, we have a multidisciplinary or cross-functional team for carrying out projects in this area.

The use of VR has been widespread for a number of years now, making virtual, immersive experiences designed to simulate a given scenario possible. Constant innovation and new features characterise this area, the aim being to constantly improve the experiences offered to users. In addition to being used for specialist professional training, VR is also used in numerous other areas, including architecture, civil engineering and industry, where, by combining BIM and digital twin technology, users are able to view and validate prototypes for construction and production processes.

AR, on the other hand, involves overlaying digital content onto the real world to provide users with relevant information and even allow them to interact with it. Despite the fact that this technology is still in its infancy, it is becoming more and more accessible thanks to mobile phones and tablets. As such, it is now used to provide support to users in various settings by offering geolocalisation features, helping them find their way around sites, and providing assistance for manufacturing and maintenance.

Our expertise

Due to the complexity of moving processes into the virtual world, extensive knowledge of the processes involved as well as the best tools for the job is essential. That’s why at Ayesa we have a highly qualified team which covers all aspects involved, something that allows us to tackle both the creation and development process.

Modelling and texturing

We have modelling staff with expertise in various technologies, such as Maya, Blender and Substance.

Graphics engines

We design animations and user interactions using the most common graphics engines on the market, such as Unreal Engine, Unity and AR Code.

Ayesa’s initiatives

At Ayesa, we are experts in cutting-edge apps. These include virtual-reality training solutions and augmented-reality systems for infrastructure maintenance.

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