• Video chat for call centres

    Video chat for call centres

    We offer new ways of communicating with customers based on innovative technology and designed to improve the services offered, meet their needs and boost satisfaction.


Video customer services

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, modern approaches to customer services now include video chat as well as social media and chatbots. As far as video chat goes, this is a channel of communication that has gained popularity, particularly within the context of COVID-19. An innovative solution, one of the big benefits it offers is that it makes services more flexible. The fact that customers can now access this service through a wide range of devices, including tablets, mobile phones and computers, is further transforming interactions between operators and users. Another benefit of this technology is the fact that it boosts customer satisfaction by allowing for more direct feedback on the needs of customers. At Ayesa, we also implement video chat systems to provide Spanish Sign Language support, designed to break down barriers and offer customer services to those with different abilities.

Our expertise

Thanks to their versatility and flexibility, these systems offer numerous possibilities, as seen in Ayesa’s BPO projects. Amongst these, the following particularly stand out:

Communicating with customers using Spanish Sign Language

The system, which features a digital avatar, is able to interpret all signs and provide the operator and customer with a translation without the need for an interpreter.

Assistance through screen sharing and cobrowsing

This feature allows operators to provide remote assistance to help customers fill out forms, navigate an e-commerce website or even pay bills. Here, great care is taken to ensure the protection of personal data belonging to customers.

Ayesa’s initiatives

At Ayesa, since 2016 we have successfully helped the public sector provide services to citizens in sign language through video chat.

We are currently providing this service for the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. Here, our approach sees us constantly adapt the services offered to the actual needs of users. What’s more, we participate in pilot projects in a number of industries, our aim being to drive the use of these new technologies.

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