• Digital Site

    Digital Site

    This is a platform designed to digitalise the workplace and make life easier for both staff and managers.


Planning and tracking of tasks made easy

Ayesa’s platform Digital Site allows the day-to-day work carried out by employees as well as their location to be tracked. Thanks to its advanced features, it enables companies to fully monitor the capacity of offices and how many staff are working there at any given time, something that makes planning the use of spaces much easier and results in them being managed more efficiently. This means greater energy efficiency and sees tasks assigned in accordance with the workload of each member of staff, thereby resulting in less inefficiencies. The platform lets companies see where each employee has been, thereby making their job much easier if a member of staff tests positive for COVID-19. It can also be adapted to the needs of each client and integrated with their ERP.

Our expertise

The software is made up of different modules, which means it is able to meet the specific needs of each company. What’s more, each module offers different features to allow users to get the very most out of the solution.


This module connects to HR data (absences, leave, etc.) in order to provide the necessary information for planning purposes.It offers desks based on the needs of projects and any restrictions in place.


This advanced module allows tasks and deliverables to be assigned and tracked. As a result, projects are fully managed from both a technical and contractual perspective using a single platform. What’s more, Digital Site offers a module for daily reporting, allowing the productivity of those working remotely to be monitored.

Ayesa’s initiatives

Digital Site has been implemented for numerous clients. These include the Island Council of Tenerife, the University of the Basque Country, the state-owned luxury hotel company Paradores de Turismo de España S.A, Carloteña de Asados S.L. and Enresa.

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