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    Air transport

    We develop state-of-the-art engineering and technology as part of a new concept for air transport.


Air transport: a promising future ahead

The aviation industry is currently undergoing a transformation as it adapts to a new world. This is something that is seeing both products and processes being redesigned. Far from being limited to aircraft design and manufacturing, innovation is now also affecting how airspace is managed, something that is transforming air transport as we know it.

Safety and the environment have become the main challenges facing the aviation industry in this new context. At Ayesa, we have a long track record of developing and implementing technology to drive the move towards a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient approach to transport. Examples include new technology for batteries, autonomous flight based on IoT and AI, and flight management through digital platforms, as well as the deployment of communication networks.

In order to ensure this transformation is successful, in addition to technology, physical infrastructure must also be developed to manage air traffic, safety and the interfaces between the various systems involved. This has seen new disruptive concepts for civil and military aircraft emerge, including UAVs, VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, electric vehicles with distributed propulsion systems, and NGWSs/FCASs. What’s more, concepts such as U-space, as well as the need for an appropriate regulatory framework, have changed how interfaces in airspace are managed

Our expertise

At Ayesa, we have extensive experience in the aerospace industry. Over the years, we have participated in all the phases involved in the life cycle of numerous aeronautics programmes. During this time, we have also worked on the creation of products, right from the conceptual design phase.


As part of our work in this area, we are constantly reviewing market trends and opportunities, as well as new tools, to make sure we are up to date with the latest developments in the industry. At Ayesa, we are committed to innovation, something that has seen us participate in projects relating to air traffic management for UAVs (software platforms, UAV neutralisation and airspace management) as part of consortia.


At Ayesa, we have been involved in numerous private and R&D projects in the area of air transport. Examples include DroneCaptor, Virtual Drone Box and Drone4Cip.

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