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New ideas for the mining sector

In the area of mining and obtaining raw material, AYESA has personnel who specialise in the various mining services, with extensive proven experience in the areas of basic and detail engineering, site supervision and start-up, environmental management, legalisations and permits, and the development of basic mining infrastructures. 

In the mining sector, AYESA offers services relating to prerequisite administrative processes (documents for public tenders for mine registrations, urban planning, expropriation management, document management and monitoring of permits), in addition to environmental procedures (EIA, AAU, AAI, dumping permits, water concessions etc.).  

AYESA also undertakes all external engineering services (access roads, railway tracks, power plants, electricity lines, etc.) and in particular everything related to the water cycle (water balances, treatment plants, desalination, pumps, aqueducts, etc.). It has teams which specialise in carrying out detailed engineering regarding the processes required for operations. 

References from over the past year may be found in Russia, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Spain, with clients including Saint Gobain, Goldcorp, Doe Run Peru, Inmet, Petaquilla, and Emed Tartessus.


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