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Industrial Complexes and Installations

Efficiency and effectiveness as a rule of thumb

AYESA's industrial teams deal with all possible installations in urban and industrial developments with criteria related to efficiency, safety, reliability and sustainability. Whether working on site or off site, for non-residential buildings or urban infrastructures, AYESA brings experience, flair and resources that enable it to provide engineering solutions of the highest quality that are adapted to the needs of its clients.

AYESA has led major industrial developments, such as providing necessary services for processing plants, agri-food plants and chemical plants, from basic engineering to FEED and detail engineering, including supervision, start-up and EPC and EPCm.  

AYESA has teams with extensive international experience in the design of industrial installations and systems for construction and industry, with expertise on international standards, the calculation and planning of high-voltage electrical installations, low-voltage substations, plumbing, air-conditioning, physical safety and fire safety, communication systems and in particular, special theatre and conference facilities.   



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